How will we gather the data?

Students in the Marketing Research class at Fort Lewis College first reviewed existing research on the topic and then conducted qualitative interviews with various groups like instructors and patrollers. The open-ended questions used during the interviews were vetted by faculty, industry mentors, and Fort Lewis College's Institutional Review Board.

The students then (under the same guidance) crafted the quantitative survey. The survey has been distributed to an aggregate pool of over 1 million skiers, riders, snowbikers and adaptive participants of all abilities across the country.

If you would like to take the survey, it is available at:

What will we do with the Data?

The end result is to create a toolbox for everyone’s use, free of charge. We will first release a summary of the key findings so that ski areas and others can craft their own messaging.

Students, faculty and mentors will also use the data to create messaging in a "Special Topics" class at Fort Lewis College during the Spring 2023 semester. The medium of the messaging has yet to be determined, and the data will help direct that decision.