about The Project

A study of behavior at and opinions of ski areas, perceptions of on-slope safety, and the development of messaging so that various groups "slide with respect."

©Scott Markewitz
What do we mean by "Snowsliding"?

We are adopting the term snowsliding (or simply sliding) to encompass all forms of skiing, snowboarding, and snow biking.

What is the project timeline?

Research that will inform the design of the program is being conducted during the Fall 2022 semester (August to December, 2022) as part of the Marketing Research class at Fort Lewis College.

A follow-up class at Fort Lewis College during the Spring 2023 (January to May, 2023) semester will design and implement the program.

What are the project goals?

The snowsliding industry has conducted several market segmentation studies to understand purchase behavior at resorts.

However, there has been more limited effort to segment safer snowsliding behavior. We suspect that the person in the park needs to be messaged differently from the Sun Belt family that travels to a ski area for a one-week vacation.

As an independent body, we will attempt to answer those questions and develop the most effective messaging for industry use.